Public Policy Update

Educating decision makers and providing survivors a platform upon which to speak on public policy issues are priorities for the DVC.  We have opposed joint custody mandates and equal parenting time legislative proposals in family law and continued this year by opposing LB437.  Several survivors provided testimony to the committee on March 12th: one in person.  The Judiciary Committee indefinitely postponed LB437 on April 8th


While no one can be against good parents agreeing to share equal parenting time, mandating this outcome in all cases creates significant issues for victims and their children. The DVC has helped survivors tell decision makers that the Nebraska family law system was currently unable to provide safety because the violence and coersion was not taken seriously in their cases. Without safety addressed, mandating continuous contact and equal parenting time with a batterer in the legislative proposals is simply not safe. In addition, the DVC's multi-disciplinary approach with thoughtful deliberation is the best way to ensure safety and accountability. 

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