Tim Dickel, EdD, Creighton University


My name is Tim Dickel and I'm a board member for the DVC. My connection to Domestic Violence in Omaha came a few years ago when I was asked to help the DVC with some grant writing. I was working on a project involving violence research, so the fit was pretty natural. I got hooked on the work of the DVC, and I was invited to run for a position on the board. I got elected and have been on the board since 2005. 


My interest is in the acts of violence that constitute DV, but I am also interested in how to protect all domestic partners from abuse and how to help survivors experience healing and renewed trust in relationships. In 2007, I took the DV medical elective and that got me interested in that particular effort to prepare physicians to recognize DV. I have been an evaluator for that work for the last few years. The DV elective caused me to create an undergraduate course at Creighton University entitledViolence in America. At first, it reviewed a number of different kinds of violence, but in the last three years it has centered around dating violence. Dating violence has become a very hot topic on America's college and university campuses, and I hope this course helps protect the students on our campus by making them much more aware of the dynamics of dating violence and the resources that exist on campus and in the community to help them should they fall prey to a perpetrator.


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