Jim Sousley, Seim Johnson


My name is Jim Sousley and I'm the Treasurer and board member for the DVC. As a member of our community, I am interested in the issue of domestic violence. I feel it's such a complex, misunderstood, and often hidden problem that it may take every member of our community in order to seek a solution. The physical, psychological, economical, and social factors converge to create a predicament that can only be address through the expertise of many. The DVC works to create that collaboration.


The survivors of domestic abuse aren't the only ones benefiting from the work of the DVC. The survivor's children, the children who go to school with abused children, businesses, the heathcare system, and society as a whole benefit. I'm grateful for their efforts and proud to contribute. All of us are better off if everyone in our community have access to the resources to keep them safe. 


Women’s Fund of Omaha

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