Frances "Frankie" Holeton, Catholic Charities

My name is Frances 'Frankie' Holeton and I'm a  board member. Please allow me to share a little about myself and my work with domestic violence. 

I'm in the DV field because I believe that change is possible and I have wanted to be a part of that change, for a long time. I also hold the belief that when people know better, they will do better. I've worked in the DV field for 18 years and through my work at Catholic Charities, I am able to not only provide vulnerable women with shelter, but I can help them access the tools they need to create a better life for themselves and their children. Every day is a challenge, but it is so rewarding to hear from the women we have helped that have, through their own strength, created violence free, safe environments for their families.

When I think about why this work intersts me I find that I truly enjoy the collaboration, the partnerships that are built, and the renewal of that process as we learn more about what works. I enjoy working with our community parters to recognize the expertise and talents of thers in order to provide the best possible support for all impacted by domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Council is the setting that provides the literal space, along with the undefined space, that actively supports critical thinking. Through the leadership of the DVC, community collaborators remain grounded in that values that support transparancy and community change, the values of fair-mindedness and intellectual integrity. At Catholic Charities, we value these partnerships and are committed to the collaborative process that the DVC supports in our community. In the collaborative setting I remind myself of this quote: "Don't let the perfect be enemy of the good." - Voltaire 

Feel free to reach me at: or 402-558-5700


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